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The ISBA Hero award is presented to a person or group who is a shining example of courage and humanitarianism in our local community.  Their inspiring acts of heroism in the face of recrimination inspire those around them to always do the right thing, even if it's difficult. This award is specifically for those who protect or help someone from a different religion or culture/ethnicity than their own.



2015 recipient of the Hero Award

This year the award was presented to three people for organizing a counter protest in support of the Muslim community in phoenix against armed protesters by standing between the angry mob and the Muslim worshipers

  • Bob Hake – Lead Pastor Orangewood Nazarene Church and Executive Director of LifeBridge Community Alliance
  • Adam Estle – Executive Director of Evangelicals for Middle East Understanding
  • Jim Mullins – Pastor of Theological Education and Cultural Engagement at Redemption Church in Tempe

2010 recipient of the Hero Award

  • Domenico Daddio - Domenic, a manager at a local bank, stood up multiple times for a Muslim employee when bank customers treated the employee in an abusive or disrespectful manner for being a Muslim.  Domenic heroically defended his employee's right to religious freedom.


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