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Schools, Colleges, Universities

ISBA provides speakers to Middle Schools, High Schools as well as Colleges throughout Arizona. The standard school presentation consists of a 45 minute discussion-style format, incorporating overhead transparencies and various religious objects such as a prayer rug, prayer beads, Qurans etc. When used in conjunction with the Social Studies/World History curriculum, ISBA presentations supplement and enhance a student's understanding of Islam. Speakers can address a variety of additional topics including cultural issues, growing up as a Muslim in America, and common myths and misperceptions about Muslims.

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Religious Organizations

ISBA actively participates in "interfaith dialogue" in order to share information about Islam as well as learn about other faiths. ISBA strives to present a balanced outlook to understand Islam in a multi-religious world. Speakers encourage a dialogue with the congregations of churches, temples, synagogues, and other spiritual organizations who wish to learn more about Islam.

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Law Enforcement

ISBA interacts with agencies throughout the Southwest as an integral part of their diversity and sensitivity training programs. By educating the law enforcement community about Islamic traditions as well as the varying cultural norms amongst Muslims, ISBA strives to improve relations between the police and their neighborhood communities. Positive interactions is the goal of each future contact between law enforcement and the Muslim community. Fees are negotiable, based on available funding.

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ISBA is pleased to offer a one-hour corporate employee presentation entitled "Arab and Muslim Americans in the Workplace" and a two-hour Corporate Manager presentation entitled "Developing Cultural Competency: Arab and Muslim Americans in the Workplace". Diversity in the workplace often raises questions about appearances, faith and customs. Stereotypes abound about Muslims in America; our speakers can improve the workplace setting through interactive educational means. Fees are negotiable, based on available funding.

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