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The ISBA has a variety of programs, presentations and workshops available to augment your World Religions curriculum, corporate diversity training program, cultural sensitivity training, or interfaith program needs.



Our presentations are designed to be flexible and conform to your programming needs. We can provide a 45-minute classroom presentation or a multi-day workshop. Please specify your desired time frame and format when you request one of our presentations.

Our Speakers

All ISBA speakers must complete an intensive certification process prior to being scheduled for any ISBA speaking engagement. Our speakers attend extensive training on how to present religious topics following the guidelines of the First Amendment Center and pay particular attention to the guidelines for discussing religion in our public schools. Islamic Speakers Bureau of Arizona speakers present on their respective religious traditions. Muslim, Jewish, and Christian speakers participate in our Abrahamic Panel discussions, in order to offer both a scholarly and personal dimension in our programs.


We present all K-12 classroom presentations free of charge, regardless of the number of presentations requested; a school may make unlimited requests for ISBA presentations during the school year and we will accommodate all requests to the best of our ability.

Presentations lasting 45 to 90 minutes are $500 and our full-day workshops are $1,500. Special engagement costs vary depending on program length, number of speakers requested, and number of attendees. If your organization's budget is limited, but you would still like to benefit from one of our presentations, please contact us. We will work within your budget to provide the best possible program experience.

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