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We provide speakers to schools, colleges, religions organizations, as well as sensitivity training for corporations, hospitals and police departments.

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Students, home-makers or full-time professionals who find the time to contribute to non-profit work will find that ISBA has been able to attract many dedicated volunteers because of the level of professionalism in the way we do our work. Volunteerism is one of the primary drivers of ISBA's continued growth and success. ISBA strives to raise religious literacy and cultural awareness in our communities through education. Our volunteers find great satisfaction and fulfillment by providing an important service to their community.

Islamic Speakers Bureau of Arizona has the following presentations that they make to Schools, Colleges, Universities, Religious Organizations, Law Enforcement, and Corporations


Getting to Know American Muslims

In addition to providing an overview of Islam and Muslims, this presentation looks at the contemporary issues of moderation and women’s rights as well as the relation of Islam to other world religions, including Judaism and Christianity .

Muslim Women Beyond Stereotypes

This presentation provides information on the role of women in Islam in the context of spirituality and their relationship with God, their rights and roles in the family and also in the community. There is also a discussion on important Muslim women in history and the modern world .

Muslim Contributions to Civilization

This presentation reviews various aspects of culture and knowledge which Muslims contributed to, including food, clothing, furniture, music, architecture, math, medicine, astronomy and more.

A History of Muslims in America

This is a fascinating account of the lives and legacies of America’s earliest Muslims, including enslaved West Africans, early converts to Islam and Muslim immigrants.

Abrahamic Panel

Jewish, Christian and Muslim speakers cover the basic beliefs and practices of each faith as well as holidays and celebrations.

Cultural Sensitivity Training

This program offers cultural diversity seminars about American Muslims to Corporations, Law Enforcement Personnel, Educators and Healthcare Personnel to help provide a greater understanding of this population while enhancing the level of service in each field.

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The Islamic Speakers Bureau of Arizona gives out three types of awards at their annual Building Bridges Awards Dinner. The Building Bridges Award, The Light of Knowledge Award and The ISBA Hero Award

9/11 Food Drive

The Islamic Speakers Bureau of Arizona (ISBA) is delighted to be partnering with our Phoenix-area sponsoring organizations in order to serve those in need in our community. Last year this food drive was a re-stocking effort for The Cultural Cup Food Bank in downtown Phoenix and the Extended Hands Food Bank in Fountain Hills.

Building Bridges Dinner

ISBA annually hosts the Building Bridges Dinner where award recipients are honored. The night features an opportunity to listen to and interact with a thought provoking national scholar and ends with some light hearted entertainment.

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Annual Events

Building Bridges Dinner

ISBA presents awards during their Annual Building Bridges Dinner. More

Sunday with a Scholar

Isba is presents an oppertunity to hear a nationally renoun scholar. More

Springtime Tea Party: An Interfaith Celebration of Women

Isba is presents an oppertunity to meet other women of faith in a women only event. More

Interfaith forums and workshops

Salaam Chai Paradise

ISBA partners with Temple Chai and Paradise Valley United Methodist Church in a tri-faith dialog in the spring and the fall. More

Arizona Faith Network

ISBA works with the Arizona Faith Network to provide educational workshops. More

Fountain Hills Interfaith Alliance

ISBA parters with the Fountain Hills Interfaith Alliance to present programs such as Faith forums, Four Caplin Memorial Service, and Interfaith Thanksgiving Service. More

Other Events

ISBA Faith Tours

ISBA coordiates interfaith field trips to places of worship for a variety of audiences. More

Movie and a Discussion

ISBA presents interesting and educational movies followed by a discussion. More

Living History Series

ISBA Presents a glimpse into the past, history as told by the people who lived it. More

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