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As the US in general and the Arizona in particular have become increasingly ethnically diverse in recent years, the work place has been impacted by this new multiculturalism. Diversity can be a positive dimension that expands and enriches the workplace environment, or it can lead to increased misunderstanding, conflict, and decreased productivity. Muslims, like other minority groups, often experience discrimination on the job, such as the termination or denial of employment because of religious appearance, the refusal to accommodate religious practices on the job, or biased behavior by co-workers or supervisors. Such actions are commonly due to misconceptions or ignorance about Islam and its religious practices, rather than intentional prejudice. One way to prevent possible misunderstanding or discrimination on the job, while improving the working relationship and productivity of multi-ethnic and culturally diverse employees is through education. Education about that which is unfamiliar or unknown is the first step towards understanding and greater tolerance. Towards this end, Islamic Speakers Bureau of Arizona (ISBA) has an interactive presentation specially designed for corporate managers, which focuses on Muslims and their religious practices that might impact the workplace. With over 6 million Muslims living in the United States, most of whom are professionals in corporations, this seminar provides valuable insight into their beliefs and practices.

Corporate Managers Training Title:

“Orientation on Arab & Muslim Americans: Workplace Diversity Seminar for Corporations” This training covers the following subject matter:

  • Common Stereotypes
  • Sources of Stereotypes
  • Consequences •Overview of Islamic
  • Culture Local Demographics
  • Understanding Muslim Religious Practices on the Job

Training Period: 1.5-2.0 hours

Training format: Interactive, where questions can be asked throughout.

Fees: Negotiable, based on available funding.

Equipment needed: Overhead projector & screen, or laptop, LCD projector and screen.

Number of presenters: One, or depending on need, could be a panel of speakers


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