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       ISBA Youth is a youth led program for young people between the ages of 12 and 18 or those in Middle and High school. Our Youth Leadership Team (YLT), consisting of up to 11 members, plans and runs these programs. Adult mentors help to guide and assist our YLT but expect that our young leaders know what they want for and from this program.

       YLT members:

       -        Inform mentors about what they would like to do and not the other way around

       -        Attend leadership workshops to prepare them for college and beyond

       -        Learn to speak about Islam and Muslims

       -        Engage with youth of other faiths to exchange ideas and do community service

       -        Learn life skills needed for success like social, business, and interfaith etiquette

       -        Learn how to engage in dialogue with those who are different to them

       -        Plan and facilitate programs for all youth around the Valley to join and enjoy

       Past YLT Programs:

       -        Know Your Neighbor 5K Run, Walk, RollIftar 2021 screencaps for webpage 33      

       -        Youth Interfaith Iftar

       -        Virtual Trivia Game

       -        A Conversation Series with local police chiefs

       -        Winter Clothing Drive for Afghan Evacuees

ISBA Youth Leadership Team

Application Form

We understand that YLT members are young and ISBA always puts family and school first, and we have no intention of making you choose YLT above those two, however, if you do not have time for this team then we would appreciate you allowing another person be given a chance to participate in this program.

Please carefully read the following -
As a YLT member:
1. I understand that I will be expected to attend weekly meetings

(a minimum of 8 out of 12 meetings in a three month period).
2. I understand that in addition to completing this application, I will be asked to attend an interview (currently via Zoom).
3. I have read the requirements and expectations of a YLT member and understand the contents.
4. I agree to serve as an active and dedicated member of the team.
5. I will support, participate in, and do work necessary to plan and execute YLT activities.
6. I agree to participate in a variety of YLT and ISBA recommended activities throughout the year.

7. ISBA YLT uses Slack to communicate, I will join slack to keep up with all messages and announcements from YLT.

Your signature below indicates that you understand and agree to all statements listed about.

I have read the requirements and expectations of the Youth Leadership Team, and agree to support my child in this leadership role/ I hereby give my child permission to apply and, serve on the leadership team. I understand my child will be expected to attend meetings and to support and participate in YLT.

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