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Greetings of Peace,

In the aftermath of September 11th, people of all faiths are sensing the need to come together, learn more about each other, and share our commonalities while understanding our differences. At the Islamic Speakers Bureau of Arizona (ISBA), we feel the key to understanding is education and dialogue. To this end, we have created a presentation especially designed for faith based organizations and community centers to learn more about the religion of Islam and its 1.2 billion adherents. This forty-five to ninety minute presentation covers an overview of Islamic beliefs and practices, while examining similarities and differences between religions in such areas as the belief in God, the prophets, revealed books, hereafter, and the role of Prophets, such as Jesus & Moses in the Quran. Our trained speakers make this presentation at your convenience in a manner that is respectful of First Amendment based religious freedom, while answering the most basic questions about this important topic.

Presentation Title: “Orientation on Islam and the Muslim World”

This presentation covers the following subject matter:


  • Terminology
  • Brief History of Islam
  • Local and worldwide demographics
  • Beliefs and Practices

If time permits, presenter can also cover:

  • Extremism
  • Women’s Rights

Presentation Period: 45 minutes – 1.5 hours

Presentation format: Interactive, where questions can be asked throughout.

Handouts: Booklet titled, “Discover Islam, The Reader”, published by Transcom International

Fees: No cost; however, we do accept donations.

Equipment needed: Overhead projector & screen, or laptop, LCD projector and screen.

Number of presenters: Usually one, but depending on need, could be a panel of speakers.

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